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Yellotron : a mellotron with Pure Data

In this post I share a Pd patch I made to simulate a Mellotron, which can be played with your computer’s keyboard of with a real midi keyboard. This instrument was invented in the 1960’s and was using recorded sound … Continue reading

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Using LADSPA plugins within Pure Data

Best wishes first of all for 2014 ! A reader recently asked me how LADSPA plugins could be used within Pd. It isn’t too complicated thanks to the [plugin~] external written by Jarno Seppänen. This gives you access a wide … Continue reading

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Making a looper with Pure Data

I’ve been trying to make a simple looper with Pd for quite a while but I couldn’t find anything interesting on the web. It turns out that it is actually pretty simple to make one with Pure Data. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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Use the value from a pot connected to Arduino in Pd

(Update : a reader (dbfreq, see his messages in the comments) found a bug in the patch. There was a typo in the route object in the arduino abstraction. The file available for download has been fixed, but I haven’t … Continue reading

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Low latency in Pd achieved in Windows !

This is great news for me, although some may have been aware of this for a long time (and although I mainly use Pd in Linux), but I decided to give Asio4All another chance tonight, and guess what : it … Continue reading

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Scan ports for Arduino board in Pure Data

I’ve made a small patch in Pure Data to scan all the serial ports until an Arduino board with Firmata is found. It uses Firmata and the [arduino] object for Pd written by Hans-Christoph Steiner. Depending on the platform you’re … Continue reading

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TheHexxciter (detuning reverb, better!)

After months of struggling I finally managed to make a patch that mimics the effect that can be heard on Pavement’s The Hexx (from Terror Twilight). In a convincing way this time (see my previous post and laugh). This is … Continue reading

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Detuning Delay

In a failed attempt to create an effect that would mimic the weird reverb in Pavement’s The Hexx, I made this effect, which I think sounds pretty cool and is worth sharing. It is some kind of echo that constantly … Continue reading

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Reversed tape / Violin effect for guitar with Pure Data

I’ve made a very simple patch to make my guitar sound like a violin, without having to keep a hand on the volume pot. It turned out that it can also make a nice “reversed tape” sound, a little bit … Continue reading

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Polyphonic synth using phase vocoder in Pure Data

A reader has been asking me to put this patch online for a while now, so here it is : some kind of polyphonic synthesizer for electric guitar! It doesn’t require any midi pickup or any particular hardware, except a … Continue reading

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