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Update on running Pd on the Raspberry Pi

Despite the initial excitement, running Pure Data in a dependable way with a USB soundcard has proved difficult. There is still hope though, and I wanted to share some of the information I recently gathered from Pd users on the … Continue reading

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Real-time guitar effects with Raspberry Pi, Pd and Arduino

Here’s a video demonstrating real-time guitar effects processed on a Raspberry Pi running Pure Data. The effects are triggered by a home-made Arduino-based stompbox. I have already written a general introduction on how to set up your RPi and install … Continue reading


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Use the value from a pot connected to Arduino in Pd

(Update : a reader (dbfreq, see his messages in the comments) found a bug in the patch. There was a typo in the route object in the arduino abstraction. The file available for download has been fixed, but I haven’t … Continue reading

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Polyphonic synth using phase vocoder in Pure Data

A reader has been asking me to put this patch online for a while now, so here it is : some kind of polyphonic synthesizer for electric guitar! It doesn’t require any midi pickup or any particular hardware, except a … Continue reading

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Guitar effects chain with Pure Data

I’ve been asked recently to make patch that would let the user edit the effects chain in Pd. It’s like a patch bay for guitar effects. This is currently limited to 4 effects, but it’s working quite well and it’s … Continue reading

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Simple guitar tuner using Pd

A reader recently asked me if I could post a guitar tuner patch. Here it is! It is based on the [sigmund~] object that comes with Pd vanilla. It does pitch tracking, which means that it analyses the frequency of … Continue reading

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Step-vibrato effect for guitar with Pure Data

Here’s a wonderful effect that can be used with a guitar (listen to the sample at the bottom) or just any instrument. I don’t think it can be done with any existing stompbox, analog or digital (please correct me if … Continue reading

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Tips for writing efficient patches in Pd

This post aims at providing you with a few tips to make your patches efficient. Remember that running Pure Data in real-time with JACK can be very demanding for your computer in terms of CPU usage. The lower the latency … Continue reading

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Wha-wha (auto) with Pure Data

Pure Data comes with a set of filters useful in many different contexts. One of these filters is the [vcf~], a voltage-controlled band-pass filter. Its center frequency can be set by an audio signal, which means that it can be … Continue reading

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Vibrato with Pure Data

It is very easy to create a vibrato effect for use with a guitar (or any instrument) in Pd. The basic principle is the same as the one I used for the phaser/chorus example. If you feed the signal into … Continue reading

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