Credits and Gratitude

I would like to thank my girlfriend Catherine who made me write this blog to share my experiments and ideas (I would have kept it for myself). She’s also writing a blog, about Greek and Mediterranean cooking. It’s called “Va cuisiner chez les Grecs“, and the recipes are delicious (I ate them all!).

I would also like to thank Miller Puckette for developping Pd and making it available for free. It changed my life (well, at least bits of it :)).

Thanks to all the developpers who have been extending Pd (special thanks to Hans-Christoph Steiner for developping the [hid] and [Pduino] objects and Firmata).

Thanks to everybody in the Pd-list. You’ve been very helpful and you’ve taught me most of what i know about Pd.

Thanks to the authors of the Pd FLOSS manual.

And thanks to all the anonymous who have shared their ideas on the Web (especially about hacking gamepads).

Oh, and thanks to my bandmates for their patience during practice and recording while I was trying to debug my patch.

And thank you to Jonny Greenwood for mentioning his use of Max/MSP in an interview, that’s how it started.


8 Responses to Credits and Gratitude

  1. momon says:

    Not so bad!!!!! it contrains to remove the mind to understand….
    Difficult to give our comments do you speak french ?

    • Oui je parle français et je réponds volontiers aux commentaires en français. J’ai pas eu le temps de faire une version française du blog, mais ça fait partie des projets.

  2. fmichelupdate says:

    bonjour et merci pour ce blog ! je suis guitariste et pratique un peu pure data, et tu as fait exactement ce que je cherchais ! J’aimerais bien un ou deux cours (payés) pour refaire la même chose avec eux ou trois fonctions en plus, car tout seul…serais tu ok ?? As tu un m.p ?

  3. fmichelupdate says:

    ah ! je ne sais pas si mon commentaire à été envoyé…bref, en substance je disais que j’aurias souhaité t’embaucher un ou deux jours pour faire un peu la même chose pour moi (suis guitariste et pratique un peu PD) serais tu ok et as tu un mail privé pour communiquer ?
    merci de ton blog !

  4. BEAR says:

    This website was extremely helpful, thank you.
    I’ve been trying to work out effects processing on my own for ages, its great to have some guidance.

  5. boscomac says:

    Blog très intéressant, utile et généreux. Tout simplement merci.

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