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Raspberry Pi multi-effects : Overview of the setup

This post aims at providing an overview of the hardware I’m using to turn my Raspberry Pi into a real-time effects processor for my electric guitar. The Raspberry Pi The RPi is obviously the star of this setup ! The … Continue reading

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RPi as guitar effects processor : Installing and configuring Pd

This post aims at explaining how to install and configure Pure Data on the Raspberry Pi in order to turn your RPi in a real-time multi-effects. I have tried to make it understandable to people who aren’t use to Linux … Continue reading

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Real-time guitar effects with Raspberry Pi, Pd and Arduino

Here’s a video demonstrating real-time guitar effects processed on a Raspberry Pi running Pure Data. The effects are triggered by a home-made Arduino-based stompbox. I have already written a general introduction on how to set up your RPi and install … Continue reading


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Make Python and Pure Data communicate on the Raspberry Pi

When working with the Raspberry Pi, it may be useful to make Python and Pure Data communicate. You may want to use Python to setup a webserver for instance, and need to command Pd from within your Python script. When … Continue reading

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Setting up the Raspberry Pi for Pd (2) – choose audio output

One thing i found very annoying at first with the RPi was that audio output was automatically channelled to HDMI when connected to a monitor. I was planning to use the Raspberry Pi as a headless machine an I wanted … Continue reading

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Setting up the Raspberry Pi for Pd (1) – allocate more RAM to CPU

Edit : this is an old post, and recent changes in the Raspberry Pi design (more RAM in Revision 2) and improvements in how Pd runs in Raspbian make it obsolete. Please read newer posts in the Raspberry Pi category. … Continue reading

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Running Pd on a “headless” Raspberry Pi

The cheap and tiny Raspberry Pi seems suited for projects requiring a tiny “headless” computer. Headless means without a screen, and thus implies that one or more applications have to start automatically on start-up. Linux is embeded extensively in many … Continue reading

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