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Raspberry Pi multi-effects : Overview of the setup

This post aims at providing an overview of the hardware I’m using to turn my Raspberry Pi into a real-time effects processor for my electric guitar. The Raspberry Pi The RPi is obviously the star of this setup ! The … Continue reading

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Real-time guitar effects with Raspberry Pi, Pd and Arduino

Here’s a video demonstrating real-time guitar effects processed on a Raspberry Pi running Pure Data. The effects are triggered by a home-made Arduino-based stompbox. I have already written a general introduction on how to set up your RPi and install … Continue reading


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Reversed tape / Violin effect for guitar with Pure Data

I’ve made a very simple patch to make my guitar sound like a violin, without having to keep a hand on the volume pot. It turned out that it can also make a nice “reversed tape” sound, a little bit … Continue reading

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Polyphonic synth using phase vocoder in Pure Data

A reader has been asking me to put this patch online for a while now, so here it is : some kind of polyphonic synthesizer for electric guitar! It doesn’t require any midi pickup or any particular hardware, except a … Continue reading

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Arduino-based pedal and Pure Data effects (video 1)

Here’s a video to show you how my setup works. All effects are processed in real-time in Pure Data (Pd), and controlled by a DIY pedal based on an Arduino board. Comments welcome!

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Simple guitar tuner using Pd

A reader recently asked me if I could post a guitar tuner patch. Here it is! It is based on the [sigmund~] object that comes with Pd vanilla. It does pitch tracking, which means that it analyses the frequency of … Continue reading

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Ring modulator Effect using Pure Data

This is a ring modulator effect for guitar (or any instrument. Try it with a voice!), loosely inspired by the Moog Ring Modulator pedal. It can be controlled by a square wave or sine LFO, much like the Moog pedal, … Continue reading

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Tips : Effect tamplate with A/B and On/Off switches

This little post aims at providing you with tips for writing effect patches for your guitar that are glitch-free (using an A/B switch) and that can be turned off when not in use. You can download the template at the … Continue reading

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Reverb Effect in Pure Data

It is very simple to get a nice reverb effect for guitar using Pure Data. Pd-extended comes with a very sweet external called [freeverb~]. You can get a wide range of reverb types by adjusting the room size, the level … Continue reading

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Step-vibrato effect for guitar with Pure Data

Here’s a wonderful effect that can be used with a guitar (listen to the sample at the bottom) or just any instrument. I don’t think it can be done with any existing stompbox, analog or digital (please correct me if … Continue reading

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