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Using LADSPA plugins within Pure Data

Best wishes first of all for 2014 ! A reader recently asked me how LADSPA plugins could be used within Pd. It isn’t too complicated thanks to the [plugin~] external written by Jarno Seppänen. This gives you access a wide … Continue reading

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Making a looper with Pure Data

I’ve been trying to make a simple looper with Pd for quite a while but I couldn’t find anything interesting on the web. It turns out that it is actually pretty simple to make one with Pure Data. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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RPi as guitar effects processor : Installing and configuring Pd

This post aims at explaining how to install and configure Pure Data on the Raspberry Pi in order to turn your RPi in a real-time multi-effects. I have tried to make it understandable to people who aren’t use to Linux … Continue reading

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Real-time guitar effects with Raspberry Pi, Pd and Arduino

Here’s a video demonstrating real-time guitar effects processed on a Raspberry Pi running Pure Data. The effects are triggered by a home-made Arduino-based stompbox. I have already written a general introduction on how to set up your RPi and install … Continue reading

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Step-vibrato effect for guitar with Pure Data

Here’s a wonderful effect that can be used with a guitar (listen to the sample at the bottom) or just any instrument. I don’t think it can be done with any existing stompbox, analog or digital (please correct me if … Continue reading

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Welcome to Guitar Extended! This blog is about the future of the electric guitar as an computer-augmented instrument. Using the open-source programming language Pure Data and a hand-made experimental foot controler based upon the open-source physical computing platform Arduino, I … Continue reading

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