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Yellotron : a mellotron with Pure Data

In this post I share a Pd patch I made to simulate a Mellotron, which can be played with your computer’s keyboard of with a real midi keyboard. This instrument was invented in the 1960’s and was using recorded sound … Continue reading

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RPi as guitar effects processor : Installing and configuring Pd

This post aims at explaining how to install and configure Pure Data on the Raspberry Pi in order to turn your RPi in a real-time multi-effects. I have tried to make it understandable to people who aren’t use to Linux … Continue reading

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Low latency in Pd achieved in Windows !

This is great news for me, although some may have been aware of this for a long time (and although I mainly use Pd in Linux), but I decided to give Asio4All another chance tonight, and guess what : it … Continue reading

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Scan ports for Arduino board in Pure Data

I’ve made a small patch in Pure Data to scan all the serial ports until an Arduino board with Firmata is found. It uses Firmata and the [arduino] object for Pd written by Hans-Christoph Steiner. Depending on the platform you’re … Continue reading

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Arduino-based pedal and Pure Data effects (video 1)

Here’s a video to show you how my setup works. All effects are processed in real-time in Pure Data (Pd), and controlled by a DIY pedal based on an Arduino board. Comments welcome!

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Simple guitar tuner using Pd

A reader recently asked me if I could post a guitar tuner patch. Here it is! It is based on the [sigmund~] object that comes with Pd vanilla. It does pitch tracking, which means that it analyses the frequency of … Continue reading

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Tips : Effect tamplate with A/B and On/Off switches

This little post aims at providing you with tips for writing effect patches for your guitar that are glitch-free (using an A/B switch) and that can be turned off when not in use. You can download the template at the … Continue reading

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Reverb Effect in Pure Data

It is very simple to get a nice reverb effect for guitar using Pure Data. Pd-extended comes with a very sweet external called [freeverb~]. You can get a wide range of reverb types by adjusting the room size, the level … Continue reading

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Tip : use abstractions and sub-patches

A nice feature of the Pure Data programming language is the possibility of using abstractions and sub-patches to clean up a complex patch and break it down to several entities which have a reason to exist on their own. An … Continue reading

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Tips for writing efficient patches in Pd

This post aims at providing you with a few tips to make your patches efficient. Remember that running Pure Data in real-time with JACK can be very demanding for your computer in terms of CPU usage. The lower the latency … Continue reading

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