Detuning Delay

In a failed attempt to create an effect that would mimic the weird reverb in Pavement’s The Hexx, I made this effect, which I think sounds pretty cool and is worth sharing. It is some kind of echo that constantly detunes the sound downwards. It sounds really nice to me, although it obviously won’t fit in just any song…

I won’t go into the details of how works. Just like some other pitchshifting effetcs, it is based on the Doppler effect, and uses delay lines with varying lengths (read Miller Puckette’s book for more info on delays).

Detuning delay effect for guitar made with Pure Data

Please note the use of audio send and receive objects ([send~], [receive~]), that make the patch a little cleaner.

You can get the patch here.

And here’s a sound sample :


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3 Responses to Detuning Delay

  1. Very nice effect!

    I tried to make it work on a Raspberry Pi with -nogui and a delay 100 before pd dsp1 but I’m getting no sound. Any idea why?

    • Hi,
      I haven’t tried this effect yet on my RPi, but i’d expect it to work fine since it’s not too demanding.
      Now that I look at my patch, it seems like I forgot to include a [dac~] object in it. So no output… What you need to do first of all is include this in the patch :
      [r~ main] [r~ effect]
      | /
      | /
      [+~ ]
      This will mix the dry and wet signals and send them to the output of your soundcard. If you still don’t get any sound, make sure your soundcard is working properly, and try the patch with the GUI first.

      • Thanks, but in the version I have (GuitarExtended – DownTheStairs.pd) there is a [dac~] object under the faders. Without one I think would not be getting any sound on my mac, but there it works fine.

        My soundcard is working fine on PD on the RPi, both inputs and outputs are working with simple patches I made. I can’t test it with GUI since my mouse keeps crashing my RPi when connected.

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