TheHexxciter (detuning reverb, better!)

After months of struggling I finally managed to make a patch that mimics the effect that can be heard on Pavement’s The Hexx (from Terror Twilight). In a convincing way this time (see my previous post and laugh). This is basically a downward pitchshifter and a reverb. This patch relies heavily on Miller Puckette‘s pitchshift example (G09 in the Pd audio examples), and the idea of an impletation in Pd comes from Lorenzo Sutton.

The basic principle is simple. There is a threshold on the input. Everytime one plays a note that’s louder than this threshold, a delay gets open and lets the sound in. As soon as the loudness of the incoming sound goes back below the threshold, the delay stops being fed with the input and gets its own feedback instead (this creates a long sustain). In the meantime, whatever is in this delay line is fed into a pitchshifter that’s slowing lowering the pitch until it reaches a floor. The output of the pitchshifter is then fed into a reverb, the output of which is mixed back with the original input. Only the input and the output of the reverb can be heard.

Guitar effect mimicking the Hexx by pavement, made with Pure Data.

You’ll need to set the threshold to a value that suits your instrument first. You can then play with the reverb parameters, and with the speed slider for more dramatic effects.

Here’s the patch.

And of course a sound sample !

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3 Responses to TheHexxciter (detuning reverb, better!)

  1. max says:

    nice work… i want to play around with it…

  2. tomas says:

    hi pierre, i can’t achive the pitch shifters works, all the others parameters works great but the pitch doesn’t shift. do you have any idea of what could be happening.

    • Hi tomas, I’m not sure what you mean… The patch should work “out of the box”. Perhaps the threshold you’re using is to high and the pitchshifter never gets triggered ? You can easily check this by connecting a bang object to the left outlet of [sel 1] above the pitchshifter. You should see a bang every time you play a note that’s above the threshold. If don’t see any bangs no matter how hard you play, you’ll need to lower the threshold by reducing the value in the [> 78] object under [env~] below the [adc~].

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