Audio effects for guitar with Pure Data

Pure Data is an easy to use and powerful audio programming language which allows anybody with basic programming skills to create simple effects for guitar.

I try to post examples on a regular basis. Below is a list of all the effects that can be found on this blog. Some of them simply mimic classic guitar stompboxes (wha-wha, fuzz/overdrive, delay, etc.) while others are meant to demonstrate how Pd can be used to create entirely new and orginial effects.


9 Responses to Audio effects for guitar with Pure Data

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  3. quite a contribution .)
    as frustrating it could be to start with some programming (start learning it) as great it is to be offered to jump straight into it – playing AND learning – in this order 🙂 ))
    thanks very much!

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  6. RicCCW says:

    Hi I am trying to use an arduino uno R3 with the pure data to connect use some of these effects! I am having real issues can you please suggest some tutorials to look at?

  7. Thanks for this great contribution 🙂

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