“Il facho cet été” – new song release

Dear readers, I have released a new song yesterday called “Il facho cet été” (this is a pun between fascism and summer heat, only makes sense in French I’m afraid…). It’s about racism and xenophobia in France and it’s aimed at being positive and optimistic. You can download it for free on Bandcamp.

There’s some mbira in it (the lamellophone from Zimbabwe). Mine was a gift from my girlfriend. She bought it from The Mbira Centre. Some of these instruments have shells or beer caps attached to the soundboard or on the resonator to make a rattling sound. Mine doesn’t have any so I made the rattling sound electronically using Pure Data. It’s not very high in the mix but you can hear it during the 3 mbira interludes and especially at the very end. I could publish the patch if somebody’s interested. I also used Pd to make the sound of the wind you can hear when the guitar stops.

The production of the song was all made in Ardour 3, with effects mostly made with the very good LinuxDSP plugins. It’s also the first time I used the AVLinux distro during the entire process and I must say I’m very happy with it.

Listen to it loud or with headphones to enjoy the textures.

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