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Update on running Pd on the Raspberry Pi

Despite the initial excitement, running Pure Data in a dependable way with a USB soundcard has proved difficult. There is still hope though, and I wanted to share some of the information I recently gathered from Pd users on the … Continue reading

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Running Pd on a Raspberry Pi

This is great news : Pure data (Pd vanilla, the standard package, Miller Puckette‘s version) runs out of the box on a Raspberry Pi! No tweeks necessary. Here’s what you need to do : 1) Buy a Raspberry Pi (see … Continue reading

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Max/MSP guitar effects tutorial

I just found this extensive tutorial (though quite old already) on Cycling ’74 ‘s website (they sell and develop Max/MSP, Pd‘s ancestor, originally created by Miller Puckette while working or studying at IRCAM in Paris, France – incidentally, Max/MSP has … Continue reading

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Exciting new motion sensor : Leap

The new Leap motion sensor looks very promising to me. Unlike the Kinect, it’s not designed to detect movements of entire human bodies, but it seems to have a very high resolution and could therefore react to very subtle movements … Continue reading

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