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Raspberry Pi multi-effects : Overview of the setup

This post aims at providing an overview of the hardware I’m using to turn my Raspberry Pi into a real-time effects processor for my electric guitar. The Raspberry Pi The RPi is obviously the star of this setup ! The … Continue reading

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Video game for LCD 16×2 display

Totally unrelated to GuitarExtended (though not to Arduino), but I’ve programed a sweet little car race video game on my Arduino Uno. It uses a LCD 16×2 display (using the LiquidCrystal library). The player uses two buttons to steer left … Continue reading


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Installing the Arduino IDE

A Arduino board has to be programmed depending on the way you want to use it. It will do nothing at all if you don’t upload any program in it. Even though the board is not “active” when used as … Continue reading

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Using [hid] to read data from a USB gamepad

(in progress)

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Arduino-based pedal ([pduino])

As I mentioned in a previous post, I first built a pedal to control my Pd patch to create live effects for my guitar by using a hacked gamepad. After using it for over a year, I started being dissatisfied … Continue reading

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Gamepad-based pedal ([hid])

As I explained in an earlier post about the concept behind the footcontroller, Hans Christoph Steiner wrote an external for Pure Data which can read data from a lot of USB devices, and more specifically from USB gamepads and joysticks.This … Continue reading

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The idea of using a device controlled by the foot to trigger effects for an electric guitar is obviously nothing new. Guitarists have been using analog stompboxes since the early 60’s at least, and digital midi controllers for quite a … Continue reading

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(Add reference to : website hjllkjl Hans’ Pduino hjkhkh and photos.)

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Welcome to Guitar Extended! This blog is about the future of the electric guitar as an computer-augmented instrument. Using the open-source programming language Pure Data and a hand-made experimental foot controler based upon the open-source physical computing platform Arduino, I … Continue reading

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