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“Palpalu” is a new song I have just published. I used 2 instruments from Burundi in it, some hand-made ankle bells (called amayugi) and some kind of violin with a single string (called indingiti). The later was only used in … Continue reading

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Yellotron : a mellotron with Pure Data

In this post I share a Pd patch I made to simulate a Mellotron, which can be played with your computer’s keyboard of with a real midi keyboard. This instrument was invented in the 1960’s and was using recorded sound … Continue reading

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“Il facho cet été” – new song release

Dear readers, I have released a new song yesterday called “Il facho cet été” (this is a pun between fascism and summer heat, only makes sense in French I’m afraid…). It’s about racism and xenophobia in France and it’s aimed … Continue reading

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New album out ! Pi-r <3

Dear readers, this is just to inform you that I have published a new album, entitled “<3”. It’s available for listen and purchase on Bandcamp (or below). It’s a short collection of love songs in French and English, all acoustic. … Continue reading

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Update on running Pd on the Raspberry Pi

Despite the initial excitement, running Pure Data in a dependable way with a USB soundcard has proved difficult. There is still hope though, and I wanted to share some of the information I recently gathered from Pd users on the … Continue reading

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Using LADSPA plugins within Pure Data

Best wishes first of all for 2014 ! A reader recently asked me how LADSPA plugins could be used within Pd. It isn’t too complicated thanks to the [plugin~] external written by Jarno Seppänen. This gives you access a wide … Continue reading

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Making a looper with Pure Data

I’ve been trying to make a simple looper with Pd for quite a while but I couldn’t find anything interesting on the web. It turns out that it is actually pretty simple to make one with Pure Data. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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Pierre et le Loup : Music made with Pure Data multi-effects

I recently discovered that now supports Bandcamp embedded players, which is great. This is a good opportunity to present an album I recorded with my band using live guitar effects made with Pure Data and my DIY pedal. It’s … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi multi-effects : Overview of the setup

This post aims at providing an overview of the hardware I’m using to turn my Raspberry Pi into a real-time effects processor for my electric guitar. The Raspberry Pi The RPi is obviously the star of this setup ! The … Continue reading

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RPi as guitar effects processor : Installing and configuring Pd

This post aims at explaining how to install and configure Pure Data on the Raspberry Pi in order to turn your RPi in a real-time multi-effects. I have tried to make it understandable to people who aren’t use to Linux … Continue reading

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