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Real-time guitar effects with Raspberry Pi, Pd and Arduino

Here’s a video demonstrating real-time guitar effects processed on a Raspberry Pi running Pure Data. The effects are triggered by a home-made Arduino-based stompbox. I have already written a general introduction on how to set up your RPi and install … Continue reading

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Use the value from a pot connected to Arduino in Pd

(Update : a reader (dbfreq, see his messages in the comments) found a bug in the patch. There was a typo in the route object in the arduino abstraction. The file available for download has been fixed, but I haven’t … Continue reading

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Scan ports for Arduino board in Pure Data

I’ve made a small patch in Pure Data to scan all the serial ports until an Arduino board with Firmata is found. It uses Firmata and the [arduino] object for Pd written by Hans-Christoph Steiner. Depending on the platform you’re … Continue reading

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Sketch of the Arduino – LCD video game “Voitures”

This is simply an update of a previous post I wrote about a simple car game I made for a 16×2 LCD screen connected to a Arduino Uno. It is called “Voitures” “Vroum!” (total lack of imagination today now that’s … Continue reading

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Video game for LCD 16×2 display

Totally unrelated to GuitarExtended (though not to Arduino), but I’ve programed a sweet little car race video game on my Arduino Uno. It uses a LCD 16×2 display (using the LiquidCrystal library). The player uses two buttons to steer left … Continue reading

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Arduino-based pedal and Pure Data effects (video 1)

Here’s a video to show you how my setup works. All effects are processed in real-time in Pure Data (Pd), and controlled by a DIY pedal based on an Arduino board. Comments welcome!

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Getting started with Pduino ([arduino])

Read this post if you already have Firmata on your board. If you don’t know how to upload it or if you’ve never heard about the Arduino IDE, please read this post first. The point of Pduino is to have … Continue reading

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