The idea of using a device controlled by the foot to trigger effects for an electric guitar is obviously nothing new. Guitarists have been using analog stompboxes since the early 60’s at least, and digital midi controllers for quite a long time too.

When I realized that I would be able to create interesting effects for my guitar with Pure Data, it became obvious that I needed a better interface than just a keyboard and mouse to control it. Midi controllers weren’t an option for me because I didn’t have much money to invest in the project, and, to be honest, because I wanted to built the controller myself…

While searching the internet for a means of controlling Pd with an alternate interface, I came across Hans-Christoph Steiner’s website. His paper about “The [hid] toolkit for Pd” was particularly enlightening, and I began to start thinking about buiding a controller based on a USB gamepad or a joystick. (EXPLAIN HOW hid works)

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