Welcome to Guitar Extended!

This blog is about the future of the electric guitar as an computer-augmented instrument. Using the open-source programming language Pure Data and a hand-made experimental foot controler based upon the open-source physical computing platform Arduino, I have developped a mobile setup for expending my guitar’s sound.

I have been working on this setup for about 3 years, and I have used it for practice and live gigs, as well as for studio work. You can listen to examples of the later on my band’s webpage (in We own the sky, Canopée, Nyctalope and Not too sad).

The aim of this blog is to show that recent developments in computer hardware and in open-source digital music software have made it possible to create a mobile and reliable setup to extend the sound and the capabilities of the electric guitar – and possibly of other musical instruments.

I will try my best to reference the work of those who have inspired and helped me.

Don’t expect to find blue-prints of my foot controller on this blog, or ready-to-use Pd patches. The point of Guitar Extended is to show that it is now possible for guitarists to create their own sounds using little more than a computer, in a tremendously more flexible way than what multi-effects offer, provided that they can buy the required hardware and learn Pure Data – the only real limit being their imagination.

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