Max/MSP guitar effects tutorial

I just found this extensive tutorial (though quite old already) on Cycling ’74 ‘s website (they sell and develop Max/MSP, Pd‘s ancestor, originally created by Miller Puckette while working or studying at IRCAM in Paris, France – incidentally, Max/MSP has been used by Radiohead‘s lead guitarist Jonny Greenwood, first on the Hail to the thief album, for many years. I discovered Pd while searching the web for a free equivalent of Max/MSP – I thought that if Jonny was interested in it then it had to be something worth exploring).

It’s probably worth a read. When  I have time I’ll probably write a longer post about it (I’m expecting there to be nice patches worth replicating in Pd).

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2 Responses to Max/MSP guitar effects tutorial

  1. Sergio says:

    Thanks! sure, I want to sound like Jonny too!

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