Tiny Pong game (Arduino + LCD 16*2)

A tiny pong clone I made with my Arduino Uno and a small LCD 16*2 display. Requires the     LiquidCrystal library and a little magic.

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6 Responses to Tiny Pong game (Arduino + LCD 16*2)

  1. Dongha says:

    Do you have the sketch and the wiring diagram?

  2. Dongha says:

    OK. I’ll wait for it.

  3. Dongha says:

    Have you cleaned up the sketch?
    If you have cleaned it up, can you post the link on the website?

  4. tom says:

    The sketch would be handy even in a crude state. I have some robotics students building a small tester with an LCD shield who would like to include something like this as an extra. If they had someplace to start they could probably clean it up.

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