Installing Pure Data

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Assuming that you managed to install an OS that offers a reasonable audio latency (I personnaly recommend a Linux distro – see my post about operating systems), installing Pd-extended should be fairly straightforward.

Binaries for Windows, Mac OS, Debian and Ubuntu can be downloaded here. Pd-extended can also be installed directly from the Ubuntu repositories.

If you want to use Pd on a machine with Fedora installed, you should enable the Planet CCRMA repositories and instal it from there (unless you feel comfortable enough to compile Pd for Fedora yourself). Planet CCRMA also offers a collection of Pd external which are not necessarily included in Pd-extended.

Do test Pd after installing it. I encountered serious issues in Ubuntu 9.04 or 9.10 (Pd taking ages to start, and general instability while working with it) which made move to another OS at the time.

If everything went fine, you can move on to the next post!

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3 Responses to Installing Pure Data

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  2. zachalterman says:

    I have incredibly minimal experience with raspberry pi and so this has been a fairly difficult process for me. I am running Raspbian, and so far all I have managed to do is setup my laptop as the display/mouse/keyboard for my pi.

    I cant seem to figure out how to download pd though! any way you could provide a more detailed explanation of your installation process? I have downloaded a few games through apt-get…can you do this for pd?

    • Hi, yes it will work for pd. Just type “sudo apt-get install pd” or “sudo apt-get install puredata” (I think both should work but i’m not sure).
      You’ll only get Pd-Vanilla though, because I think that Pd-extended isn’t in the Raspbian repositories.
      If you really want to use Pd on the RPi consider switching to the Satellite CCRMA distro. It was specially designed for audio and Pd has been reported to work better with this OS.

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