The core of my setup is the audio programming language Pure Data, which does all the DSP work to process the incoming sound of the electric guitar.

In order to run Pure Data, I needed a computer that could be easily carried around. I choosed to use a regular laptop because i couldn’t afford to buy too much new hardware and because it is light enough to be carried along with my guitar and my amp. Idealy, it would be best to have a smaller machine (see the post about future developments — LINK)

Pure Data can run in real-time provided that the computer can do all the calculation fast enough. I have successfully run my patches on two Dell laptops with a Linux distro installed. A 1.6 GHz CPU and 1Gig of RAM is enough to run a relatively heavy patch with a latency of around 5 or 6 ms. I recommend using more recent laptops with a 2.2 GHz CPU.

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